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                                      Comedy & Cupcakes offers a mixture of comedy, cake, music & performance poetry blending just the right ingredients:


Mix a cup of Mary Berry 

with a teaspoon of Miranda

add a dash of Mel & Sue 

and you're in for as much fun as eating a whole cake - but without the calories!

A cupcake a day keeps the doctor away!

Stand-up performance poet Liz Babbs loves comedy, cakes and all things baking, so it was only a matter of time before she weaved the Great British Bake Off into her show. Liz has performed in theatres, cafes, tea rooms, village halls, golf clubs, restaurants and even a biscuit factory! Non food performances to date include the Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Tate Britain!

Comedy & Cupcakes is Liz's new show designed as a fun community event and is ideal for a local cafe, church hall, community centre, fete, festival etc. The show also works wells as a coffee morning, afternoon tea or evening special event. 

Comedy & Cupcakes offers humorous snapshots of life from a woman's perspective. A creative mix of comedy, cake, music and poetry. 
Liz has been compared to Miranda and Jennifer Saunders - her two favourite comediennes. 

What people are saying about the show:
" Thank you, Liz. for giving us a lovely, very entertaining evening. You are FAB. I thoroughly enjoyed you." Michelle Forrest
"A great comedy evening. I was pleased I'd invited friends as we all enjoyed it so much." Sheila
"A real way to forget the stress of life." Alison
"Fun, lively entertaining evening where you immediately felt you were amongst friends." Odile
"Gentle humour and a relaxing evening where I had time with friends as well as enjoying the show." Eli


What is the cost?
The cost is very reasonable. Please contact Liz via this website for further details.

Is it suitable for children?
The show is child friendly, but probably enjoyed more those aged 16 and above.

Is it just for women?
No. It for anyone who enjoys a laugh and likes cupcakes.

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